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How to hack Clash Royale

Clash Royale Cheat codes Developed and Published by the gaming company SuperCell, the Clash Royale is a strategy game for mobile users. The game is a combination of multiple game models like defending the tower, collectible cards, battling with other players, etc. The game which works for both iOS and Android platforms was first released in the year 2016. Gaming plot There are trophies and levels based on which a rank is assigned to the player. Every player has to battle out to win the game and reach the level 13, the end of the game. When the game begins, the player is awarded with 4 cards which can be used for defense or attack. In order to win the battle, the player is required to destroy as many towers of the enemies as he/she can. Gaming currencies There are multiple currencies to win in the game. They are, a) Elixir – This is a must for playing the card. The elixir in every player account gets replenished after 2.8 seconds. b) Gems – these are used for buying gold, chests and cards from the in game shop. You can also use them to unlock chests faster without waiting for the unlock time period to be over. c) Chests – Every time the player wins a battle in the arena he is awarded with a chest. There are different types of chest and each has different treasures inside in the form of gold or gems or cards. Openign a chest will depend on the kind of chest you have. There is of course the gold and the cards which are used in the play for buying elixir or to simply defend/attack.